Infinite Reach - Immerse yourself in the abundant beauty of the surrounding landscape from the comfort of your new home. Secure your peace.

A selection of 23 boutique coastal residences designed to become your retreat by the ocean, where friends turn into family and sun-bathed days create lasting memories.

Carefully crafted to elevate your lifestyle

Infinitus Nazaré Architecture is at once innately classic and visually bold, employing symmetry and composition to cultivate an enduring elegance. Its sculpted balconies expand the horizon and embrace the natural beauty of the surrounding coastal town.

Expansive windows draw the abundant natural light in, generous balconies and private terraces allow you to enjoy your morning coffee in the sunlight, smelling the sea air. The exterior merges with the interior in open and fluid spaces, designed to amplify the connection with nature.

The coastal environment, with its pearly shores, is reflected in the exterior and interior color palette. Natural and organic inspired texture establish a strong connection between architecture and landscape, making your spaces timeless. Sensory materials such as stone, wood and pebble are used in the various architectural elements contributing to the comfort of your senses.

Infinite Peace - An oasis of tranquility awaits you

The coastal lifestyle extends to the interior of the complex, with landscaped common spaces, private terraces and sunny balconies – spaces that exude life and vitality.

The building develops around a landscaped central courtyard, with abundant vegetation, the ideal setting for family living. The landscape design surrounds each private terrace with natural beauty, encouraging an outdoor lifestyle. Let yourself be captivated by the happy laughter of the younger ones, who play in the comfort of this private space, while you relax in the privacy of your terrace after another day in the sun.



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