Your Infinity begins in Nazaré.
At the edge of the world where time stands still surrender yourself to the whisper of the waves calling you home.

Infinite Space - A pristine coastline with horizons and skies that go on forever, endless pine forests and historic seaside resort towns

The Costa de Prata, Portugal’s Silver Coast, stretches about 240Km from Assenta, an hour north of Lisbon, to the mouth of the Douro river in Porto. This coastline is an almost unbroken stretch of wide, white, bracing beaches, bathed by the majestic Atlantic.
It is ocean heaven for surfers, walkers and idlers or anyone who craves the ionised air and space in which to find itself again. Here one spends timeless days basking in the richness of sun and space, and soaking in the luxury of simplicity.

The resort towns along its length are low-rise and local, retaining their sense of working fishing villages, dotted with traditional seafood restaurants featuring the catch of the day. The fishing town of Nazaré stands as Costa de Prata’s best known seaside resort, considered by many as one of Portugal’s most traditional seaside towns, enchanting visitors and residents with its natural beauty and coastal lifestyle . In the last few years Nazaré has progressed from a fishing village to a town dedicated to tourism, being one of the first points of international tourist interest in Portugal.

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Where life surrenders to rhythm of wind and tide.
Allow yourself to be enveloped by fresh ocean air .

Discovering Nazaré is to get lost in its narrow and winding streets, stroll along the immense golden sand beach, climb the century-old Ascensor, admire the incredible view from the Miradouro do Sítio and let yourself be carried away by the traditions and relaxed lifestyle of this fishing village.

Discover the essence of its people with an open smile, who enchant by their way of being, dressing and talking, still living the traditions of yesterday, when fishing was at the centre of life.
The ladies still wear their seven skirts, traditionally used on fishing days to count the waves while waiting for their husbands to return from the sea.
Along the beach we can still find the art of drying fish in the sun, spread on a banner. An art that was born from the need to preserve for the days of scarcity, guaranteeing sustenance on days when fishing did not turn into luck for the family.

Today, with the move of all fishing activities to the fishing port, the immense golden beach is left for tourists and bathers and invites for long walks, sunbathing and sea sports.


The ocean view at every corner, narrow and winding streets flowing towards the sea.


With ancient and sustainable fishing practices Nazaré offers an abundance of delicacies directly from the source. 


Tradition and modern life in a casual harmony, where the rhythms of parallel lives have room to intersect.


With its giant waves, the sea Is once again the economic engine and attracts surfers and onlookers from all parts of the world.


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